Friday, March 13, 2009

Cramer Vs. Stewart

Thursday's Daily Show with Jon Stewart promised to be a knock down drag out fight between comedian Jon Stewart and Wall Street guru Jim Cramer. We expected it to be ugly, and what we got was ugly, it just wasn't the ugly I expected. I expected Cramer to go toe to toe with the comedian, and well I didn't expect Cramer to mop the floor with Stewart (especialy on Stewart's own show) but I atleast expected Cramer to put up a fight, to throw a punch, or atleast block a punch. He did not. Cramer just sort of took it.

This was profoundly discourageing. As a Capitalist I couldn't believe that one of my own just lay down and let a nationalist socialist stomp on him. If we capitalists don't stand up and point out the obvious flaws in the nationalist socialism that the media force feeds us, we will watch our economic freedom dwindel until the government steals the entire product of our labor, disincentiveizeing any and all effort.

A sad day for capitalism

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