Wednesday, April 1, 2009

day 59

Today is the first day of the third month of my job search. So far it has been a long slow, bumpy, miserable process. Today I attended the International Marketing SIG put on by the Cincinnati AMA. The conversation today was centered around the operations of international financing. Which talks mostly about how to take a small business and conduct global trade, securing lines of credit, insurance, and tariff drafts. All of the financial things that make most people start falling overbackward and foaming at the mouth. I on the other hand loved it. The whole thing was like being back in school again, and reminded me why I majored in international business.

The other upside to the AMA meeting today was to meet people. Being unemployed meeting new people is the only way out of the pit of joblessness. Odds are the person who has the job that I will land did not know me before February 1, 2009.

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