Wednesday, April 29, 2009

When I was younger my father told me that the real reason that you get a summer job in college wasn't to earn some money, it was to remind you why you were studying hard. The point of doing the menial labor type of job most often held for summer employment was so that you would work hard and not have to ever again hold a menial labor type of job.

Over the course of this period of unemployment, I have made a return to the world of menial labor. To keep up with the bills I have returned to my old part time job working for a catering company. I am not alone. At this one catering company I have been joined by a half-dozen other out of work professionals, including two former IT professionals, who's company went out of business, an advertising salesman, formerly of a local radio station, and an accountant who was involved in foreign trade.

In the beginning I loathed it. I hated putting on the all black uniform. I hated serving plated lunches to Mary Kay sales women, setting up buffets for bar mitzvahs, and bar tending wedding receptions. I found it demeaning. I thought "how could I Mike Morgan, with a college degree from Butler, have to stoop this low?"

I thought this until I remembered some of the advice I had been given when I was younger. I reminded myself that this job served as a reminder to always to things the right way the first time. It took a trip back to menial labor to remind me that if you are going to take a risk, research your risk very very carefully before you go and make that jump.

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